This version of Visible Geology will be retired on July 15, 2024. Access the new version now and learn what this means for you.

HTML 5 The new standards that have been introduced in modern web browsers allows for exciting new web applications like Visible Geology. These technologies have not been adopted by Internet Explorer, so Visible Geology can not run on this platform; please use Visible Geology in Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

Canvas & WebGL Visible Geology uses a canvas to draw the three dimensional geologic block model. Depending on your computer and browser, this drawing may be done on your graphics card (WebGL) or by your browser (Canvas). WebGL has a much higher resolution and is much faster but is not always supported; check if you can use WebGL. Chrome is the fastest at rendering Visible Geology.

Google App Engine Visible Geology uses Google App Engine, which enables web apps to be run on the same systems that power Google applications. The same security, privacy and data protection policies in place for Google's applications applies to all App Engine applications.