Stereonet Updates I am trying to update the stereonet as much as possible, so stay tuned!

Stay tuned via Twitter for all updates to Visible Geology.

May 7 - 2012 Calculate intersections between planes. Calculate the plane through a set of lines (minimizes error right now). Updated some UI features.

May 2 - 2012 Added a quick tutorial going over most of the features, as seen on YouTube. Fixed a few bugs when editing groups of data.

May 1 - 2012 First Release. Have added rose diagrams and histograms (based on Open Stereo). Support for rakes and small circles. Added lots of UI tweaks to make it look pretty!

Planned Features We have a few ideas that are still in the works, but please Contact Us to suggest a new feature.

  • Contours
  • Better grouped data control
  • Save online
  • Interactive online tutorials
  • More statistics
  • Group and break up data
  • Better image export (vector and png, maybe pdf?)

Known Issues This is a beta release, so there are still a few issues to be worked out. If you find a bug, please Contact Us.

  • Speed when plotting >500 points is too slow
  • Flicker when creating new planes and lines